About Us

BeeJuicy’s ready-to-drink USDA organic cold-pressed juices are full of the BEE-licous nutrients you need to keep on buzzing. Ideal as a meal replacement or for detox. 

We are the real deal, powered by real bees, and created by real people. Bee Juicy supports local farmers and the bees that help them thrive. Bee Juicy is good for you and honors the process from pollination to consumption. 


Founder Bio

My Name is Kia Jones & Bee Juicy saved my life. Generational curses are real, it’s hard to break things that have been subconsciously passed down for years, it takes awareness and being intentional. I lost both of my grandfathers before I graduated high school, my paternal due to a heart attack and my maternal from living with diabetes and prioritizing his family over his health.

Growing up I was always curvier than my peers and siblings. During my freshman year of college, the freshman 15 only made matters worse. Studying at Georgia State University in the heart of Atlanta placed me at the center of a food desert. I often experienced food insecurities where I didn’t have access to affordable nutritious foods, which is a reality for 1 in 8 Americans and most families living in the city. By the end of my sophomore year, my freshman 15 snowballed into 50 lbs. At 21-years-old my family physician informed me I had precursors for high cholesterol with high LDL and low HDL levels. I was touching 200lbs and felt defeated, my usual techniques for weight management no longer seemed to be enough.

In exploring my purpose and passions, I decided to take a nutrition course. This helped me understand the true science of what occurs in our bodies when we eat certain foods. I discovered the power of fruits and vegetables in giving your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs. I fasted from processed foods and sweets, only consuming juices, smoothies, and foods with nfps (nutritional fact panels) under 5 or so ingredients. My results spoke for themselves and by the end of junior year, I had completely transformed my lifestyle. Everyone who witnessed my transformation suggested I sell the juices and smoothies they often saw me drinking.

The summer after I graduated I took a leap of faith and started selling my smoothies and juices in mason jars to a few family and friends. When I started Bee Juicy in 2017 I never imagined it would be where it is today. Bee Juicy is a lifestyle brand offering 7 delicious and nutritious Cold-Pressed functional beverages, and 2 Shots. Since launch, we have already fulfilled over 7000 pre-ordered juices deliveries. We currently service local gyms, corporate offices, and the local Atlanta community. Our name Bee Juicy is a tribute honoring our pollinators. Without bees, three-fourths of our produce would cease to exist. In partnership with urban gardens and hydroponic technology, we hope to service and further educate underserved communities. We encourage clean eating habits and self-care while striving to spread knowledge of the advantages of drinking and eating clean organic fresh great tasting produce. We understand how life can make people Busy Bees and want to help make their health journey as easy as possible. Try our juices and experience a new healthy buzz!